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"All children are artists. 

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Picasso 

1881 - 1973

I am a firm believer that there is a creative soul in ALL human beings ~ sometimes we just need a little help in getting back in touch with it! I truly love sharing my own love for creative endeavours with both the children in my early years practice as well as with adults in my life via paper crafting, colouring, painting classes in my craft studio! Being in creative is truly the best form of therapy for me ~ I love sharing my creations and hopefully inspiring others to take some time to pull out their own creative hat from childhood and get back to listening to that little voice inside that says 'lets make something for ourselves to give to others that comes from our soul!' ... when we were young we were not focused on the 'end product' but the PROCESS of creating something and the feelings and release that came with that. Creating master pieces of 'art' is not about talent so much as about practice and perseverance and finding those who find the beauty in our creations!  Join me on the blog as I share our journey as we get messy! 


All my life I have struggled with health challenges ~ been on medications and put myself at risk participating in various 'clinical trials' trying to find relief with my competing health issues. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and even after 10 years of eating a 'traditional gluten free diet' I was not finding the health I desired and new I had within me! So I decided that perhaps I need to stop looking outside my body for answers and start looking at what I am putting INSIDE my body! Now I am passionate about learning how to be a Cave Women in the modern world ~  cooking and baking from scratch with a primal mindset! If you are looking for ideas, tips and tools stay tuned on the blog for recipes as I share my journey with you all! 


Over the past couple years I have made a concious effort to remove all the 'toxins' in my life ... from my environment, from my diet and last but not least from my relationships ... choosing instead to work on surrounding myself with natural. organic and authentic ingredients for cooking, cleaning and self care all while ensuring I seek out those strong like-minded people in my community who strive to see the world as an abundant entity that reflects back what we put into it ... if we keep our focus positive, loving and full of joy than the universe will return to us positive, loving and joyful energy that moves us towards our authentic self and ensures that all our needs are met! 



Whether you are an educator, a parent, an artist or arrived her because you too are seeking to live your life cleaner and find balance in your relationships I hope that my blog offerings can help you too to find laughter, love and value in the many lessons learned through life!

Live well, laugh often and love much!


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Wife to an amazing man, step mother, pet mama to the wonderful Lily and Luna and fabulous friend to many and the creative soul behind Totallyawake4-life! 

A creative soul at heart I am an educator, artist and mentor to many ... a hoarder of information and knowledge I decided I wanted to start a blog to share with you all!


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