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Cultivating the Creative Soul

"All children are artists. 

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Picasso 

1881 - 1973

Inside each and every soul there is an artist but as Picasso so rightly pointed out the challenge is that over time we loose the connection with our inner artist. We fall victims to either our inner critic or otter critic telling us 'that's not good enough' and 'you cannot do that' and so rather than risk 'failure' we stop trying!

The great thing about art is there is really no right or wrong there is only 'personal expression' and the true 'beauty' of art is in the eye of the beholder and what speaks to that persons soul. In my humble opinion it is the PROCESS of art that should be of utmost importance to the artist. The end PRODUCT is a reflection of that process and as long as it speaks to the soul of the artist than nothing else matters!
In my continued work with both children, adults and myself my goal is to help people reconnect with their imagination,remove 'logic' from the equation when engaged in your art and listen instead to your HEART and what it says while you work with any medium.

What medium motivates you?
What colors call to you?
What textures tantalize you?
What story do you want your art to tell?

Art is about what YOU need in that moment to reconnect with yourself, to recharge your positive healing energy. Allow the art to tell your story' through whatever medium you are working with.

Art can be meditative, it can be healing and it can be an amazing way to reconnect with your self as well as with others through social exposure with art!
Want to start an art journey but are stuck ~ even the greatest artists occasionally get stuck for inspiration ~ look to nature, to books, to others to find something that inspires you! I am a PINTEREST addict! I love to look through all the wonderful images to get inspirations of what colors are speaking to me right now, what textures I want to play with, for my card making or scrapbooks I look for design  layouts that just please my eye and spark an idea of what I could do to please it more!
Inspirations for the creative adult
Inspirations for children's art work

More ideas added weekly as well as check the blog for regularly additions!

More ideas added weekly as well as check the blog for regularly additions!