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The Early Years ~  ensuring they are full of magic, wonder and discovery!

They are born artists, philosophers and poets and in my humble opinion our job as their caregivers, coaches and mentors during the early years is to help them arrive into themselves with that view of the world still intact to the best of our ability ... to instill in them that life long love of 'learning' about their world and their place in it, to help them continue to see the 'magic' that the universe has to offer and how the possibilities are endless!

Children are truly amazing acts of nature ... they come into this world so awe inspired by EVERYTHING seeing the magic, wonder and discovery in just about every little thing from the speck of dust that they follow mesmerized as an infant to the way the tiniest piece of grass will float around when you throw it into the air as a toddler and how when you mix mud and water great things can happen in the preschool years! . 

Navigating the Social Emotional Roller Coaster of Childhood
This is the one area of development in children that is SO VERY important and the one area that our government, education system and society in general tends to overlook in favor of pushing for benchmarks in 'academic development' with some misguided belief that is someone is 'book smart' that they will succeed in life.

I had one very strong role-model in my life who did not get to finish school but grew up to be strong leader in the community, a self-employed businessman and mentor to many, my grandfather, and while he might not have had 'strong secondary school background' what he was strong in SOCIAL SKILLS. He had empathy, impulse control, anger management,conflict resolution, resiliency,patience, understanding, risk assessment, persistence and the list goes on. All of these skills made him a LIFE LONG LEARNER so while he did not have a strong 'academic start' to life he spent his entire life gathering knowledge from the strong base of skills he DID develop in childhood...SOCIAL SKILLS! 

This is what I want for the children in my life and for ALL children  because I know that the REST will come in time! 
Here are a growing list of resources to help through the early years with social skills development

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Learning through PLAY!
As Mr.Roger's once said "Play is often talked about as if it is a relief from serious learning. But for children play IS serious learning"

Memories and skills are achieved as we navigate through and interact with the world with our senses ~ the more senses that are used during the interaction, the more intense the emotional connection during interaction,  the more for repeated exposure the more likely it is to become part of wiring of the brain.

Therefore ideal children need lots of time to PLAY and explore with their whole body, all their senses in an environment that is set up with a mindful  to help them scaffold new knowledge and skills through their play!  
Check back often for our emerging list of our favorite ways to learn through play!

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