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However as more and more health issues started to plague me in my youth and really hit hard in my 30's I began to REALLY look at NUTRITION! I had the family Dr send me to one, I read books and researched online ~ so much 'conflicting' information out there between fad diets and old school knowledge that is contradictory to newer research coming out ~ so hard to know where to start with 'change'. Over the past 15 years I have admittedly tried so many things to 'get healthy' without much success.  

Swith our commitment to start eating even cleaner than we had been by going grain free for myself and removing all the 'gluten free' processed foods I had been relying on cause they were 'easier' I am excited to finally be 'testing' some of the amazing fare that is out there these days! 

I am excited to have you join me on my journey. I am no chef and in my past i have a had a love hate relationship in the kitchen ~ often seeing cooking more as a 'chore' than a choice to be cherished. So my journey will likely be rough and raw with its share of #PinterestFails. My photo documentation of work in the kitchen will likely not look anything anything like the FOOD PORN images out there on foodie blogs by the true professionals who make works of art in the kitchen ~ but it will be REAL food from a REAL kitchen made by a REALLY busy working women who is hoping to inspire others that 'clean eating' is possible even when you are busy! 

My name is Margaret and I am here to admit that I am so totally addicted to FOOD PORN ~ even before Pinterest I was bookmarking 'recipes' to try and since Pinterest I have been pinning and pinning so many amazing recipes with so many tasty tasty foods. Many of which have, admittedly, never crossed my lips at this point ~ mostly because for the first 30 years of my life I was a typical PICKY eater and a small bit of the fact I am afraid to try cooking new things in case they FLOP. 

Recently the connection between the importance of a 'well balanced nutrition' and our overall health has really hit home for me. As diseases run rampant in our culture we have to ask our self WHY is this happening now more than ever in the past. It becomes easy to hypothesis how much does DIET have to do with our body being in DIS-EASE with itself?  

Since 2005 when I was diagnosed with Celiac I have been on going journey to figure out how to fuel my body for HEALTH ~ I will be honesty it has been a rocky rocky road. I assumed if I followed the traditional 'gluten free' diet the Dr gave me that my health would return and all my problems with my body would correct itself. However after 10 years of struggling and being made to feel my issues are 'in my head' I finally decided that I was going to stop looking at my Celiac as not so much something that caused me to 'miss out' on so many good foods but instead as a blessing that would allow me to start trying NEW foods and to really look and journal how food makes me FEEL!  

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