Sharing laughter, love and lessons learned through life!

Resources to help on your path are coming soon!

The Early Years 

As a registered early childhood educator I am passionate about making sure that the childhood of all who are in my life is one full of magic, nature and discovery ... my Early Years Resource page will grow as I share my over quarter of a century of experience working with children for those who are looking for inspiration, advice and guidance and to hopefully learn from my life lessons so that your journey with your children is just as memorable!  Click here to more resources, tools, tricks and tips!

The Creative Soul

I have loved creating every since I was wee .. writing short stories and poetry, painting, coloring and making handmade crafts for my loved ones for presents back when times were tough and I needed something from the heart verses something from the wallet. When I got introduced into the art of paper crafting my desire to share the love of this art was just too great. I began holding classes, workshops and crops!  Find inspiration for your creative soul here.



One of the things I have learned during my reflections is that BALANCE is the key to reducing your bodies 'dis-ease' .... when your body, mind and soul is out of balance it totally cannot run efficiently and physical symptoms will than present themselves in way of disease. There are so many awesome tools, tips and tricks to help bring balance to your life from finding an attitude of gratitude to using the law of attraction to help your life manifest in the way you WANT verses the way you do NOT. I am not a counselor or medical professional but I can share what works for ME here

Your Health and Well Being

I have been working on increasing my health and well being for well over  15 years as I went through a period where it started slipping away. I've went through years of testing, being in research studies, trial and error treatments and surgeries  with no modern medicine answers as to why by body seemed to be at war with itself. The CAUSE eluded them. So I have begun my OWN research study on the effects of my environment on my body and health ... food, self care and cleaning products and relationships. Excited to share my findings and tools and tips with you here